Saturday, July 28, 2012

Walk'n on Sunshine

Since I started this blogging challenge on July 3rd I have never won so many awards or ribbons!  Not even when I was in  my prime and could destroy you at the 100m dash (well ok, maybe I won more of them at that time).  So as it's turned out I've been awarded another, The Sunshine Award by the lovely and generous Melissa of The Bright Side!  Cause we all know I'm a ray of f*cking sunshine most days!  It seems appropriate me thinks. 

So just like before, no good deed is given without a catch.  In order for me to brag about my Sunshine Award I must fulfill the requirements.  Kind of like those stupid skill testing questions which are super easy but always stress me out. 

So the simple rules for this particular award are: 

1. Post the award on your blog and link back to the person who nominated you.  I did that already!  Melissa of The Bright Side nominated me.  Didn't you see that way up there ^^?  If not, I'm tagged her again just to make sure it's easy for you to go check out her awesome blog if you have a few spare moments. 
2. Answer the 10 given questions below.   Finally, a round number!  A one and a zero always looks more socially acceptable to me than an eleven.  I already feel more at ease. 
3. Nominate and link to 10 fellow bloggers to pass along the honour.   I'm Canadian, see what I did there?  I added the "u" to honour.  Cause I'm a rebel like that. 
4. Don't forget to comment on your honouree's blogs to share the love!   Cause we all love us some comments. 

Ugh, these are the questions???  These seem like they're going to take a lot of brain function.  This might not bode well for me, but I'll be a trooper and give it a go!  Ready?  Buckle up, it's gonna be a, bumpy probably, uneventful ride. 
Who is your favourite philosopher? 
I don't really have a favourite.  I've never given it much thought.  Probably because I'm as shallow as a mud puddle.  But if I must choose then I pick Jean Jacques Rousseau.  Wanna know why?  Cause he's a distant relative.  Fact!  Gotta support the kin yo!  He also supposedly had reckless manner and boundless vanity.  The apple didn't fall far from the family tree. So props and shouts out to JJ Rousseau.
What a stud.  Looks a little like Phil Collins with hair.  I can see how he was thought to be a ladies man.

What is your favourite number?  Has to be 18 and the reason is a total cliche.  It's the date of my birth.  Lame, I know but it is what it is.  It's also a pretty monumental age all by itself too.  My second would be 9.  Now that being said, these numbers have yielded me nothing in my life so I'm not sure they're too lucky. 

What's your favourite animal?  Hmm, probably a house cat.  I definately a cat person and they're within reach and so me affection so they're my favourite.  Unless I meet a friendly elephant I can cuddle with, then I pick an elephant.

What's your Facebook and Twitter URL's?  Well my Facebook URL is!/Missy.Aggravation but I don't have a Twitter account.  I can't be bothered to have to come up with something witty to say in a select number of words. 

What is your favourite vacation?  Hmm, that's tough because all my vacations have been great for totally different reasons.  I couldn't possibly pick one over another.  Basically any vacation is my favourite because I'm not working.  If I'm lucky enough to be able to travel while on said vacation than that's the cherry on top! 

What is your favourite physical activity?   I guess I need to be honest here and tell you that no physical activity will ever truly rank high enough to take home the title of favourite.  So all physical activity that I associate with excersise is out.  I pick sex.  Sex is physical, it's an activity and it's my favourite (sorry mother and mother in law).

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?  Soda Gingembre.  Hands down.  Nothing beats a cold gingerale. 

What's your favourite flower?   An orchid.  Yes Freud might have something to say about the fact that I picked the flower that most resembles a vagina, but I swear I think they're just pretty.  I'm going to stop now before I open up plenty of opportunties for inappropriate comments

What is your passion?  Currently at the age of 38 years, crafting seems to be my passion (I never thought I'd utter that sentence in any way).  And making sure my kids make it out of highschool alive and well. 

So now I have to tag people who I think are worthy of receiving such an award....let's see I'll do my best.


I think I'm going to start printing these awards off, framing them and hang them on my wall in my office at work.  They'll make me look shmarter.  And if not shmarter, then definately more popular!


  1. Sunshine? Why not. Way to go Holly, you're at the end of every rainbow.

  2. I wouldn't think your mom or MIL would be too bothered by your choice of activities. After all, takes sex to make grandkids, and what mom doesn't love grandkids? (And even if you're done with the grandkid making, the moms don't have to know that!)

  3. Too funny. Thanks for the honor. Hope I can be as entertaining as you. Smile