Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Man's Junk...

Is my friend Lesley's gain!  Not kidding, one Friday night I went for beers with my friend Lesley and at some point in the evening she questioned why I hadn't made her a craft yet.  I told her I specifically had something in mind that I wanted to make for her, but was lacking the 'base' of the project.  I had stumbled across one at a garage sale a week or two prior but it had mold on it, and even though I planned on painting it, I thought it best to wait.  I was pretty sure I'd eventually stumble across another one sooner than later.  And luck would be on my side.  The very next morning while out sailing through people's garages I came across TWO of the said bases I was looking for for a measley two bucks!  And I also got a pre-lit 7' Christmas tree for ten bucks at the same house, but that point is completely irrelevant to this post.  Double score! 

So to work I went transforming one man's junk into Lesley's treasure (hmmm, that could be a title for an adult movie too!).  I did a light sanding on the table just to help the paint stick a little better.  Then I used a primer spray paint and gave it a good base coat.  Eric was a doll and drilled four holes for me for the, what are those things called, round screw thingys, which I didn't put in just yet.  Then I gave the table a good four coats of navy blue gloss spray paint (2 cans in case you're wondering). Once they were all good and dry, I hot glued some twine around the bottoms of the legs and then screwed in the round thingy's.  Then I took a thicker twine and ran it through the loops securing the ends with some hot glue and then a thin (almost like dental floss, but a little thicker) string wrapped around the ends to hold it all together.  I kind of wish I had the expertice of tying a nautical knot, but no such luck. 

So voila (I really wish I was more saavy on the who photo editing aspect of things, as the colour doesn't really show up in the real hue)!  A nautical inspired table without being too 'in your face' obvious!  Perfect for my nautical loving friend Lesley and her new house that is screaming for more furnishings.  I think she completely dug it too when she saw it.  I hope she thinks it was well worth the wait.


  1. How cute!! I love this idea. My husband and I have a set an two of them we use as side tables. May have to do this!

  2. It really was pretty easy. Mainly the wait time was attributed to watching the paint dry. Literally. It turned out really well and for the cost of it? If it only last a year or two well, it paid for itself. And there's no stress about water marks or spills!