Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bottle Vases

I think it should go without saying that every time I write about some craft I've done, you can just assume it was inspired or copied directly from Pinterest.  That will help to save me extra typing and the redundancy of the same opening paragraph each time.

I'm actually quite surprised with how well I've been doing with replicating what I find, including the recipes I've tried.  I stumbled across a blog the other day that just showcases Pinterest FAILS.  It was rather humorous.  I'm actually glad for once that I haven't completed a project that could be featured on that particular blog.  So here's another craft I've completed.  My goal is to have these beauts showcased on a shelf in my new den with a couple flowers inserted in them for a splash of colour.

I present to you yarn bottle vases!  It really is as simple as the title suggests.  I used empty beer bottles (so free but if you want to consider the value of the empty then I guess 40 cents) some white craft glue that I had on hand and some yarn I picked up in the discount bin at Michael's for $2 each.   It was a tedious task gluing and wrapping and my hands were covered in glue when I was done (so make sure you get glue that's going to dry clear, because you'll likely get it on the outside of the bottle as well), but I think they turned out pretty neat-o.  I doubt I'll bother using a real flower(s) in them, as I'm just that lazy.  So while the vases cost me a grand total of $8.40 I suspect the whole project will run me closer to 15 by the time I pick up some silk flowers.  I'll post a picture of these again later when they are proudly displayed in my new, finished den!

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  1. Beautiful!! I have some new shelves to put up. Might have to make some of these for them.