Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Old

Age is a funny thing.  How come the only times in our lives where we like the idea of getting old is when we are little kids?

If you happen to be less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you actually think in fractions.  Like you are never just four, you're four and a half.   I'm pretty sure I've never once been 37 and a half...but when you're young, you're four and a half going on five!  Then when you  get into your teens, you can't hold you back.  You just jump right to the next number.  You could be 12 but you'll still say you're gonna be 16.  Twelve but soon I'm gonna be 16.   Wait!  Soon the greatest day of your life happens:  you become 19!  Even the words sound like a ceremony - 'become' 19.  YES!  But, then you turn 30.  That one hurts a little.  What happened there?   It kind of makes you sound like bad milk.  She 'turned', so we had to throw her out.  There's no fun now.  What happened?  What's changed?  You 'become' 19, you 'turn' 30, then you're 'pushing' 40.  Make it stop, it's all just slipping away from us.  Then you 'reach' 50 and 'make it' to 60.  That's quite an accomplishment.   So lets recap shall we?  You become 19, you turn 30, you're pushing 40, you reach 50, you make it to 60...then you build up so much speed you hit 70!  And once you turn 70 it becomes a day by day thing.  From there you hit Wednesday and then Thursday.  You crawl your way into your 80's and it becomes a milestone to hit lunchtime and then you turn 4:30.  Some 80 year olds won't even buy green bananas.  It's an investment you know, and it could end up being a bad one.   But it doesn't stop there.  Into your 90's you start going backwards.  I was just 92.  Funny, eventually a strange thing occurs:  If you make it over the 100 milestone, you become a  little kid again and start working with fractions.  I'm a hundred and a half!


  1. Universal truth. It's all in the mind isn't it. The shell grows older, but the mind only matures.

  2. At my cousin's 30th birthday, my uncle said, "well son, it's all downhill from here".

    I think you kinda summed that up perfect here! Thanks for the chuckle!

    (By the way, I like to celebrate my half birthday still, even if it's only a little celebration inside my head.)

  3. Hah. All so very true. I will "reach" 50 in just over a year, and while I quit counting in fractions a long time ago, this is the first milestone that's made me want to really drag my feet and slow it down just a bit more.