Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shiny Head, Shiny House

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have to be a main household word by now right?  Everyone who's reading this has heard about them, RIGHT?  These little foam-like blocks of pure awesomeness have wiped their way into my heart.  Mr. Clean and I have a little bit of a love affair going on.  I call him ME for short (for Magic Eraser, d'uh) and he loves to clean like an F-ing boss all over my house!  I'm sure you guys know the basics and how much stuff this little guy can destroy, but I'm gonna give you a list of what else he does (that isn't listed on the box with the instructions)!  Get ready to be inspired, I'm not even kidding!

  • scuff marks on the wood or tiled floors
  • greasy and dirty finger prints on the walls and switches. 
  • the build up of grease on your hood range
  • dried on jam
  • the porous handles on your appliances (fridge handles)
  • the rubber soles on your tennis/jogging shoes
  • white tile grout
  • coffee and tea stains in mugs, coffee pots, teapots
  • computer monitors (probably should not use it to clean the screen), keyboard and mouse
  • dried on food bits in the teeny, tiny spaces of the can opener
  • soap scum on your shower walls, bath tub and sinks
  • all that grossness in the toilet bowl and the gross caked on pee all over it
  • kool-aid stains on your counter tops
  • splatters in the microwave
  • tarnish from silver
  • dried paint from door hinges
  • dirt off painted metal and vinyl siding (on your house!)
  • pet saliva on window ledges
  • polishing gold jewelry
  • mold and mildew on anything made out of plastic
  • defogging of bathroom mirrors (what what??)
  • left over price tag glue
  • light coloured suede (yup, like on our furniture or shoes or purse)
  • vacuum marks on baseboards
  • burnt on food at the bottom of pots and pans
  • inside plastic coolers that have sat all winter long
  • the rubber trim around the fridge doors and dishwasher doors, gross
  • rust stains
  • soot on the wall around your fireplace
  • kitty or puppy puke in your carpet (I know right??)
  • spilled nail polish and dried nail polish on walls, carpet, wood
  • oven shelves
  • toothpaste splatters on the bathroom mirror
  • melted plastic on the side of the toaster oven or stove burners, etc.
  • stains on your actual hands and arms
  • built up grease in the deep fryer
  • outdoor furniture and upholstery
  • oven door window
  • bike tires and rims
  • caulking around sinks, tubs, toilets
  • polishing fixtures
  • surfaces inside your cars
  • stains on leather
  • brake dust from tire rims
  • dirt from plastic garbage cans
  • permanent markers, crayons and pens from virtually any surface
  • inside the fridge
  • plastic toys
  • glass stove tops
  • plastic and vinyl mini blinds
  • luggage
  • kitchen cabinets and all that greasy build up
  • textured shower floors
  • residue from dry-erase boards
  • grease splatters in the kitchen
  • outdoor kids equipment

But wait for the best one, if you cut a piece of the eraser off and put it in your toilet overnight, it will erase the toilet ring!  You don't even have to scrub anything.  Insane right?   And that rumour that these magic erasers are dangerous is just that, a rumour!  You can also cut the eraser in half to prolong it's life too.  Such an amazing invention that's made cleaning one's house and properties so much easier.  And if you buy the four pack you only pay just over a buck for one. 

If you have any other uses for this magnificent tool that I've not listed or am not aware of, please leave me a comment!  So get out there and get cleaning (right after you leave me a comment)!  ...Now if they only had the power to erase the odd blemish on my face.  Wouldn't that be magical?  Cause I mean seriously, who still gets zits at 38 years - 2 months and a few days?


  1. Well, it's the only cleaner/cloth that removes shellac nail polish. More of a warning, than anything else. I heart Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

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  3. WOW! Very good list, I will make sure to show to my clean freak husband! :)