Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Psst, you gotta "J"?

Words...big words, little words, me likes words!   During the past couple of years I've really gotten into playing Scrabble on the computer.  Last summer I scored a Scrabble game at a garage sale for $1.00 so Eric and I have spent countless hours playing out on the back patio, enjoying the summer days.  I'm not going to be modest here, I've gotten somewhat good at it.  Finally having figured out the strategic moves that land me the most points, utilizing the bonus squares and high point letters.  I'm also secretly enjoying that Eric is figuring it out as well.  Makes for a much more challenging game.  And who doesn't love a challenge?  I bring all this up because I'm gearing up to fill you in on my latest craft project. 

Sometimes when I craft I amaze even myself.  I stumbled across this idea on, you guessed it, that "P" website a few months ago and pinned it to my board immediately.  I loved the idea for myself but most importantly it immediately made me think of my friend Tess.  I just knew she'd totally appreciate the idea if I could find all the components.  I wasn't quite ready to sacrifice my $1.00 Scrabble score just yet.  So this summer I've kept my eyes peeled at garage sales in hopes of again stumbling across a Scrabble board.  Last weekend my luck came in.  I found a decent (doesn't even look like it's been used) set for $2.00.  This new find was going to replace my old set from last year that was now missing an "i" tile.  So that now left a whole bunch of wooden tiles to be creative with.  This is probably my favourite project to date.  If not my favourite it's right up there in the top 3. 

I was able to buy a sheet of cork for 50 cents at a garage sale in the spring.  I knew I would eventually get all the components together so I snagged it up immediately with the idea that I would make this craft eventually.    And since then it's been patiently waiting amongst my crafting supplies for the right moment.  That right moment came on Saturday when I was finally able to donate my $1.00 Scrabble game to the cause.  I had some glue left over from a previous project so I immediately got to work cutting out squares of cork from the sheet.  I had enough letters to make 6 coasters.  Once I had everything ready to go, I started gluing the tiles onto the cork.  Upon completion (about 20 minutes) I clamped them all together between two boards of wood so they'd dry flat and straight.  The next day I went out and bought some high gloss shellac (I can't remember what it's really called but you know what I mean) in a spray can and went to town covering them in two coats.  What I was left with is a pretty awesome pack of coasters, all shiny and amazing. 

This entire crafting project cost me $1.50 for the supplies and $6.00 for the spray coating which I'll be able to use on future projects no problem as there is tons left.  Pretty decent if I do say so myself.  I'm actually kind of sad to part with these but I know Tess loves Scrabble probably more than I do, so I hope she'll actually use them.  If she doesn't use them I hope she'll at least put them out so other people see them.  Cause they are that great.


  1. I like how you put the name in the coaster, very cool. The whole process, the end results, all very cool. I bet you'd like to do it again. So if I find some Scrabble pieces and mail them to you... I could get coasters back? That would be super cool.

  2. so it won't be a surprise anymore but this is the greatest thing ever! And of course I will display/ use them :D And thank you for not putting naughty words on them- or did you. xo Tess

    1. No naughty words at all. Just your name, Ben, Hank and Luke (cept there is only one 'k' per set, so Luke is spelled with a blank tile. ;)

      I couldn't wait to post this as I love them so much. But they are in the mail to you as I type. You should likely get them Friday maybe? Hopefully Thursday. They're so much better in real life anyway, so it will still be nice to open the box I'm sure.

      I was secretly hoping you wouldn't read my blog until you got them though. haha

  3. This is a really great idea for scrabble pieces. Clever!

  4. That's a great project! That "P" site really does come in handy sometimes, doesn't it?

    ps: Sorry if this duplicates, but I got a weird error the first time I tried to comment.