Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 Ingredient Dessert

Like to have baked goods in your house?  Work full-time and can't be bothered to bake most days?  I've got the solution for you.  A four ingredient dessert that's easy peasy!

1 instant cake mix, any flavour.  (I happened to use marble as that was what was in my cupboard.) 
A can of fruit pie filling.  (Any flavour)
3 eggs
1/2 brick of cream cheese

Mix the dry cake mix with the eggs.  Add in the can of fruit bit by bit while mixing on high speed.  Pour cake mix in a rectangle greased baking pan. 

Cut up cream cheese into small cubes.  Push cubes into the cake mix so they are buried sporadically throughout the pan. 

Bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.  Use a toothpick to test doneness if you are uncertain.

Once cooled, ice with an appropriate icing that suites the cake.  I happened to use cream cheese icing for this particular cake.

**Some combinations might be Chocolate or Devil's Food Cake with Cherry filling, or Spice cake with Apple filling, lemon cake with Raspberry filling, Vanilla cake with Strawberry/Rhubarb filling.  My suggestion is, of course, to try them all!  You kids will love you for it. 



  1. Now I want some cake. There's so many of these quick and easy ideas, and the internet just makes it even easier to find them.

  2. I made this tonight with chocolate cake and cherry pie filling. The cherry is very subtle, but I might have over mixed it. I got a confetti cake mix, I am pondering what might go good with that. And I think I am going to try a spice cake with pumpkin filling in the fall. Maybe when we start the family dinners again. :) Thanks for the recipe, it was easy enough that Sawyer could help, which she always wants to do. :) But now I have cake in my house and I want to eat more. :(

    1. I made the spice and pumpkin combo and it tasted like gingerbread cupcakes. Delish. And they're good with cream cheese icing too.

  3. OMG, this is a must try. Book-marking for future use! :) I want some cake!