Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pergola Party

Roan concentrating so hard on the measurements that his tongue is sticking out!

My boyfriend has some serious talent (even if he's mopey and miserable whilst doing it).  I don't think I mentioned the fact that my mom's awning, on the back of her house over her patio, blew off in a wind storm this past spring.  But that actually happened so she decided since the shitty awning was no longer there and the insurance company would compensate her for her over exposure to the sun that she now wanted a wooden pergola.  Thus she immediately turned to the one man who had the capabilities to create and produce her wish...My Eric!

The back of the house after the remnants of the awning got taken down.

So he drew up a rendering of a pergola (a mish-mash of a couple samples she had found on the computer) and shopping we all went (I got roped into designated driver duties because we borrowed the company van to cart all the oversized supplies home in).  I'm pretty sure I've spent more time in Home Depot this past month than I have - ever.   It was slow moving in the beginning because there was a lot of tedious prep work before the assembly could get started.  This made it appear like we weren't doing anything (and thus the feeling of guilt which attributed to the above two emotions Eric went through whilst displaying his serious talent). 

Mid build.

Because of the size of the structure (21 feet long) Eric deemed it best that he erect it in three stages, starting with the middle section.  Once there was obvious progress being made the guilt started to melt away.   I was impressed with just the middle section!  I'm obviously easy to please!  My mom (who is actually the person whose opinion really mattered) was equally impressed. 

So the following weekend Eric and a friend were able to finish getting the entire pergola put together (for the most part).  There are still some finishing touches to be added but overall the structure is up and secure and my mom has started decorating it and adding her personal touches.  Next year I think he'll be building one in our back yard.  It won't be as big as my mom's but it will still be just as amazing.  Great job Eric!


  1. Great Job! Very talented, looks wonderful, be careful, the rest of the family may try to get him to do their Pergolas!