Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Loyal Fan Beyond the End

I'm not a hockey fan to say the least.  My dad enjoyed a good game once in a while, but through the years I haven't noticed too much that he watched it frequently.  However, that being said I cannot think of my dad and hockey without Vancouver Canucks coming to mind.  Regardless of how that team has played through the years my dad has been a loyal fan.  Never jumping onto other team's bandwagons, he was always true to the Canucks. 

So I can't help thinking that them finally making it into the actual Stanley Cup finale this year, for the first time in many, has something to do with my daddio out there somewhere guiding that puck. 

I haven't really sensed any presence around me since he passed away and I've been trying my best to be diligent in paying attention.  Aside from a few dreams, a couple of them heartbreaking, but one nice one, I've gotten no real feeling that he's with me.  Perhaps I know why.  Maybe it's too hard for him right now to be right with us.  So maybe he's focusing his time coaching the Canucks from the big blue sky so they can take home that elicit silver cup.

So for my dad (as I refuse to jump on any band wagon) I'm really hoping the Canucks take it all the way this year and proudly hold up that Stanley Cup like they truly deserve.  For the players on the team, my fellow Canadians, their true fans and for my dad, who's loyalty to them never faltered, good luck.  Please do this for him.  He deserves it. 

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