Sunday, May 22, 2011


Got my insurance money on Friday so we've started the rebuilding process of the shed, the fence and the railing.  Since all my shit is scattered about my backyard and it's enough to make my neighbours grow to hate me we decided starting with the shed is the best choice.

Picked up most of the supplies on Saturday and got all of the below completed in a few hours before we had to leave for our tattoo appointments.

Eric and the Dude are working on it at the moment and the back wall is done now and so is the front wall and door frame.  Next up the roof.  We'll just have to pick up shingles and the siding on Tuesday when the Depot is open again.  I can't wait to put all my stuff inside the pretty box.  My OCD is killing me with this backyard mess.

Next on the docket:  Fence repair then front porch railing.  After that, side gate and new fence across my driveway creating another lovely patio area to sit out on all summer.  I'm so looking forward to some nice weather and flowers, planter containers and baskets and decorations, oh my!

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