Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gouge Away

A few months ago the Pixies announced another tour through Ontario.  I really wanted to go but since I couldn't readily find someone to go with and I had already seen them twice I didn't push the issue, though I was still mildly disappointed.  This tour was focusing mainly on the Doolittle album.  While that isn't my absolute favourite Pixies album (Surfer Rosa is) it is without question, filling the number 2 spot.  It's an album full of great songs as well as great memories associated with it.

Less than a week after my dad's funeral I was invited by my friends Ryan and Amber to join them at the Pixies show in Toronto at Massey Hall.  They had an extra ticket and knew I'd appreciate it.   First, Massey Hall is a great place to see a show.  There are truly no bad seats.  Second, I was stoked to get another chance to see the Pixies as I love them so much.  And third, it was a perfect excuse to clear my head for a couple of hours after all the shit that was happening leading up to the concert.

I have only one statement to make following that show....I've come to the frank realization that The Pixies will NEVER disappoint me.  Nope, not ever.  They do not have an elaborate stage show (though they did have a little more to look at on stage for this tour), they do not talk a lot between songs (just some idle banter between each other really) but they sound so tight when they play together it's all just so worth it.  And the feeling I get when I hear them sing live is just the absolute best.  I teased Amber because she got so overwhelmed at the show (her first Pixies concert) that she actually cried a little, but I secretly know exactly how she felt.

I have loved them from the first note I heard when I was 17 years old and I know I always will.  It was strange to see a few young, currently 17, adults there with us, but I'm secretly proud of them for stumbling across the Pixies and appreciating them.

Thank you Ryan and Amber for taking me with you and helping me fill my head with good feelings for two straight hours.  I love you both.

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