Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family Hour

Went for breakfast with Eric and Ryan on Saturday morning to some retro diner in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto before heading home.  This is a picture I snuck of the family sitting having breakfast together beside us.

Not one of them is speaking to each other. They all have their own electric device melting their brain.  So sad.  While I was sitting at Ryan's waiting patiently for him and Eric to finish what they were doing so we could go eat I happened to come across a book in a magazine about creating memorable dinner and dinner conversations with your kids...I just passed by it, but then after sitting beside this family I think there might be something to it, so I starting searching for what I had seen and I found the following book.  I'm pretty sure this is the one that was critiqued in the magazine, but if it isn't it accomplishes and addresses the exact same issue.  I've added it to my wish list on Amazon and I'm going to pick it up in hopes of making our dinner conversations more entertaining than they currently are most nights. 

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