Saturday, September 29, 2012

Couch Transformation

So most of you readers are already aware of my devastating situation with a beautiful couch I purchased for my newly transformed den so I don't really need to rehash that (it's just too painful, trust me).  If you want to catch yourself up on my pain and suffering you can go here

I ended up finding a shorter, smaller couch for my new living space, also on Kijiji but I got this one for a mere $40.00.  It wasn't and isn't anywhere near as cool and nice as the first one I got, but it shall suffice.  My intention was to spray it with Simply Spray Upholstery paint and make it grey like I was originally intending.  In order for the 'paint' to work best you need a lighter palette to start with.  So this blah, cream coloured love seat was a great jumping off point.  And if it sucked, well it was only $40 (plus the paint of course, but I was being positive). 

Simply Spray is kind of like dye in a can.  It absorbs into the fabric to change the colour so because it's not laying on top of the fabric it isn't crunchy to sit on like most fabric paints would be.  Each can covers about 17" square feet but that seems to vary depending on the type of material and how absorbent it is.  I ended up using 6 cans to do this love seat (and I have a little left over for touch ups) but I didn't bother to paint the back or one side because there really are no other placement options in this room so it won't be moved around.  They suggest waiting 72 hours to ensure it's completely dry before sitting on it (which I'll take to heart), but it's pretty much dry to the touch the next day.

I have to say, I'm quite impressed thus far with how it's turned out.  It sure makes the love seat more appealing to my eye.  Doesn't seem as dated in my opinion, looks more modern (this picture honestly doesn't do it the proper justice, I swear).  They have a vast array of colours to choose from and I'm pretty sure this won't be the only project I do using Simply Spray. 

**I haven't even been asked by them to do a trial and endorsement, I swear.  I had to buy all 6 cans of paint that I used.  If they ever read this, they should totally send me some coupons or free paint so I can do another project with their product and sing their praises.**

The only downside I found to this product is that it isn't widely available in Canada.  The only distributor that shows up on their site for our great nation is in Quebec and it's kind of costly to have it shipped.  Overall though, it was easy to clean up and easy to use.  And I'm loving that I now have an option of changing up furniture without the cost of re-upholstering.  Technology really is great! 


  1. Wow, no kidding! I ke a cover on ours because its cream and just stained and gross. Does this stuff cover up stains?

    1. Yuppers! There was a stain on the loveseat that I got and I can't see it now. It's worth a shot. Try to cover the stain part and if it doesn't then don't bother finishing the couch. If the couch itself is still in decent shape then it's probably worth trying to salvage.

  2. It's shard to tell, but did the Charcoal Grey color show up in the shade you hoped? I want to use it, but I want it to be a true Grey and not super dark. A lot of the DIY photos I have seen using this product and color seem very dark.

    1. It turned out pretty much the colour of this photo but without the flash it appears more even. Of course I suspect it will depend on how light the couch you are starting with is. Mine was beige. I was pleased with how it turned out. Looked like the colour on the paint can. Good luck with your mission!

      We've been sitting on it consistantly day in and day out and it's wearing exceptionally well! Still pleased.