Monday, September 10, 2012

{This Moment}

I've borrowed (oh who am I kidding, I've stolen) an idea from Janine over at Reflections From a Redhead who borrowed it from Thom at To Gyre and Gambol, who initially borrowed it from Cath at Just My Thoughts...phew that could get long winded if someone borrows it from me and then someone borrows it from then, and so on!  Starting today I'm going to begin a Monday ritual.  One image will be posted.  No words will describe it.  It will capture a moment from my past, memories that I cherish.  Then on Friday I will post part 2 of this new ritual where I will share the story behind the photo.  This borrowed idea is called {This Moment}



  1. and, yours, too, has four legs...albeit of a way different sort!

  2. What a cute pic!

    And, btw, I think borrowing goes back even further than you've got there. But that's one of the best thing about the great W.W.W, right? All the sharing.

    1. Fair enough! You're probably right about the chain of sharers...Someone came up with a cute idea, that's all that matters. And I'm embracing it. :)