Thursday, September 13, 2012

Off With Yer Head!

I'm not sure if there has been a shift in the atmosphere or what the situation is/was but I feel like the bees were extra 'in your face' this year.  They were everywhere.  I killed more bees than flies this summer.  I feel mildly bad about it because, well... bees are good for our environment.  No human activity or ingenuity will ever be able to replace the amount of work that bees do for our world.  They are a huge reason we have fruits and vegetables.  In essence, they are also a critical component to us having livestock who feed on plants that continue to thrive because of bees and all the cross pollination that they do. 

Sorry, see?  I'm feeling so bad I felt the need to give you a mini science lesson to explain why I feel morose (not really) when I kill a bee.  But this particular post isn't about me killing a bee, it's about Eric killing a bee.  Not just hitting it and causing internal damages (thus leading to death) with the fly swatter, but actually unknowingly (and lacking any real skill to be able to pull it off again) perfectly beheading a bee and in the process snuffing it's life out of it.  (If they would just learn to leave us the hell alone and stay the f*ck out of my cans of pop while I'm trying to drink them, then we could all co-habitate on the same piece of property.)  

It was cleanly severed from the body and left in perfect form.  That's the bee head down there sitting on top of Eric's Zippo lighter so you get the idea of how small it is.  He would have never been able to pull that off had he been trying.  What a fluke.  Seemed appropriate to mention, what with all the dismemberments going on in our country lately (too soon?).  I was being sarcastic with that last sentence.  I wonder what it means to wake up to a severed bee head in your bed....

I wonder how we could mount and display this.  A new trend maybe?

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