Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Broken Heart?

My little Roanie Balogna, the 9 year old with the biggest heart ever had to go for an EKG yesterday because he's been experiencing heart pains.  Ugh.  I'm sure it's nothing.  That's the mantra running through my head anyway.  He says it feels like a sharp pain in his heart.  We thought it might be a side effect of his medication, but his pediatrician doesn't think so.  She's ordered the gammut of tests and we go see her tomorrow to get the results. 

After he described the sensation to me, I felt mildly at ease because growing up, and still on occasion I have those same pains in my heart/lungs.  A feeling of a rib poking into my chest...  making it difficult to breathe deeply for the short period they occur, but knowing they eventually go away.  I was reassured by my sister when she mentioned that she too got them growing up and still does from time to time and that Eric as well, suffered these pains.  So with fingers and toes crossed we will hopefully walk out of the doctor's office tomorrow with clear and sound minds. 

In my opinion Roan has such an amazing heart there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with it.  All the love in there could mend anything right?  I keep telling myself that.