Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dancing Queen

So last night was our first class of Swing Dance lessons.  Sadly she informed us that is we want to learn the moves where I (the girl/follower) get thrown around by Eric (the boy/leader) then we'd need private lessons.  Disappointment with a capital D!  Anywho, I enjoyed the class. It was hillarious, confusing, embarrassing, enlightening, difficult and enjoyable all at the same time. 

She only taught us 6 or 7 dance steps but it was so much more difficult than I was anticipating.  Eric was pretty sure he'd have mad skills like Fred Astaire, but sadly that was not to be the case.  I've also learned that in the beginning I am going to need her to scream out the steps as we go because when left to my own devices or rather the devices of my 'leader', we're a train wreck. 

I was happy though, by the end of the hour I had the rock and step (or whatever it's called) down, I had the "flip flop" down, and the 'step and stop' down, and the "duck" down.  I just didn't have all of them mashed together into an actual dance down.  Maybe next week will be more promising, though I don't really anticipate a whole lot of at home practising going on.

I felt good after.  It was nice to get out of the house and break up these winter blahs, it was fun to hang with my parents (who struggled as much as Eric and I did, so that was reassuring), and I felt like I had a good hour long work out.  So next monday we head back for round 2.

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