Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mother of the Year Award goes to....

...J.R.'s mom, at soccer.  While sitting on the bench watching our 13 year old boys play soccer (and win), our 9 year olds (my son, her daughter) were running up and down the sidelines playing with each other.  At one point her daughter "Max" comes over and asks her mom if she can take her coat off as she's getting hot from running.  Let me just say that mom should be grateful that her daughter is running.  She's got a little extra meat on her bones for a 9 year old.  No way near being considered obese or anything, but still a concern at this age, one would think.  Instead she tells her daughter, "No, you can't take your coat off and why don't you stop running?."  The daughter was having no part of this and kept asking, to which her mommy dearest replied, "No leave it on.  It will help you lose weight... burn off all that Kentucky Fried Chicken you ate tonight.   And then mom proceeded to tell everyone on the bench that she had no ass.

WTF?  Why's she even BUYING her KFC in the first place if she's just going to throw it back in her face.  That poor girl has a long highschool career ahead of her with that kind of support at home.  That shit makes me sad to hear.

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