Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nifty Fifty!

 Last weekend Eric, my parents, Geoff, Anita and I headed down to Windsor to party with the Rousseau's for my aunt Michelle's 50th birthday.

Eric met my aunt for the first time in the summer and she stated that she would like to capture his eyes so she could place them over top of my uncle Doug's face while they were having sex so she could look longingly into them.  So besides going in on a gift with all of my cousins, Eric and I got a picture of his eyes blown up for her.  She thought it was a hoot and showed everyone at the party.  Glad to get a full faced smile out of her.  That was the intention and we were glad she remembered her original comment and laughed.

The party was fun, as most Rousseau events tend to be.  We stayed with my aunt Lana and uncle Tom, just about a block up from where the party was held, so that was a great convenience.  Most of the family was able to attend.  A few noticeable absences but over all, the majority of the family was in attendance.  Surprisingly I didn't snap many pictures at all.  And I'm sad about that now.  This picture to the right is my dad with his two favourite nieces, Tara and Alison.

Towards the end of the night Eric went into a closed off part of the bar to use a less busy washroom and when he came back out he noticed this kid passed out in amongst the piled up furniture.  Thank goodness he did or they would have closed the place up around him.  Maybe not the best way to wake up from a booze induced pass out.  He came to the party with my cousin and they almost left without him.  Thanks to Eric for being his saviour.

The night ended with some drama that I was just as glad to not have been witness to, but back at my aunt Lana's we sadly got to witness the aftermath.  I'm sure things are all sorted out now and it was probably just a stupid misunderstanding, but it lead to a really, REALLY good conversation with one of my favourite relatives.  Eric hung out with my aunt Sheila and her family, a few of my cousins and my uncle Tom in his work shop til 5 a.m. while my aunt Lana and stayed up to about 3 a.m. talking.  She's an amazing person (of which I already knew but our conversation just reinforced it).  She will do anything for the people she loves.  Maybe her heart is too big for her own good.  She wants the best for her family and she will never stop trying.  Her heart is gold.  And I love her so much.

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