Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Demonic Colouring Crew

The other night after dinner I told Roan I'd colour and draw with him.  He likes when we do stuff like that together.  I also asked Eric if he'd like to join us on our mission to illustrate some "exorsist movie" that Roan watched at Rob's over the weekend.  He wanted the devil, demons, a fire demon, and other 'things' sitting around the fire demon campfire.  So the three of us went to town. 

I drew the fire demon, a zombie, a ghost, a flying bat-like monster, a witch and some multi-legged monster based on a Roan original.  Roan drew a couple of ghosts, a multi-legged monster, some demon, a devil (that he later erased so Eric could re-draw his), a moon with a monster in it, and helped me colour in my drawings and Eric drew the two devils, and the bat-boy like demon.  He's anal about staying in the lines.  Us (Roan and I ) true artists know how important it is to go outside of the lines.  At least that's what I keep telling myself and Roan. 

Here is our sweet masterpiece.  Don't be scared, it's only a drawing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Computer Illiterate

I spent 5 1/2 hours last night downloading all the music Gage wants for his Ipod (as well as starting my own playlist for my Ipod).  While some of this music I found to be entertaining, most of it made my ears want to bleed.  So you can imagine my disappointment this morning when I went to listen to some of my choice music while getting ready for work and no files could be found.  Sigh.

Turns out with the click of a button I could have solved this problem from the get go but NOOOOOooooooo, not Holly.  Holly has to make EVERYTHING difficult.  So instead of 'saving', I clicked 'open in Itunes'.  D'oh. 

So tonight I begin the process again.  Another evening spent with Little Wayne, Eminem, Katy Perry, Drake, et al. partying in my bed.  I wish my kid told me WAY more often than he does that I'm the coolest mom this side of town.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm not sure that there is anything in my life right now that is more entertaining than following my 13 year old son's Facebook page.  How I love the drama that 13 year old girls create.  It's nicer this time around, for me, because it isn't me believing that everything is the end of the world.  I still very much remember being a 13 year old girl which is probably why it's so much funnier for me.

Last night while I was cruising Gage's page I noticed that he was no longer listed as 'in a relationship' but is now 'single'.  That's not the most interesting part as I was already aware of this lifestyle change of his.  What was most interesting was the barrage of insults he was subject to from his 'ex-girlfriend's' friends.  They didn't feel it was fair that he broke up with his girlfriend through her best friend.  He should have been man enough to tell her to her face.  Might I remind you all, he's THIRTEEN.  A time in our lives when anything bad and uncomfortable is best said through a note, a friend, ignoring, etc.  In today's day and age it's so much easier, what with MSN, emails and Facebook.  So of course, after reading all of this, my immaturity and Mama Bear instincts kicked in and I couldn't NOT comment.  I got away with it for a couple of posts before someone figured out I was his mom.  At that point I made the concerted effort to keep my comments civil and mature (they always were, but I tried even harder to make sure they stayed that way).  I tried to 'educate' these girls on the real world.  I consider it community service on my part.  After 102 comments from myself and a few knowitall 13 year old girls I decided I'd wrecked enough havoc and bailed.

A Resolution?

I've spent the past couple of weeks contemplating if I should bother to make any sort of New Year resolution, as I normally don't waste any thought on this subject.  I haven't come up with too much.  Not because there isn't anything to change about myself, quite the contrary... I just don't like putting that much pressure on myself.  I can't handle failure and I feel like if I state out loud for everyone to know then I'm setting myself up to disappoint.  If no one is aware of what I secretly vow to try to better then less people than myself are disappointed.  Make sense?

Anyway, I am putting it out there that I want to better my finances.  I'm not in a terrible position with debt, but I'd like to do better.  Last year I started putting more money into my RRSP than I'm normally used to.  I started an RESP for the boys and I took out more insurance on myself in the event that I become critically ill.  So in that way I'm on the right financial path.  But with regards to savings I fall short.  Both literally and figuratively.  I've joined up with a debt coaching website for tips and ideas on how to best utilize a budget.  Man that word is scary and daunting so hopefully with some advice and tips it will be easier than I'm anticipating.

I know my weakness is dining out.  It's my only vice.  I don't drink regularly, I don't smoke, I don't have any addictions, but I do love when other people cook for me.  Food just always seems to taste better.  I waste too much money on dining in restaurants.  It's convenient and easy.  I've looked into taking a cooking class with Gage in the near future with both the hope of spending some different kind of time with him and to learn how to prepare some decent meals.  I heard a rumour that you should know how to make at least ONE decent meal.  I'd like to have a few in my repertoire.  Maybe I should make that another resolution. 

So as the year progresses I'm going to try super hard to avoid the pitfalls of restaurants and make more meals at home.  I'm curious just how much money I'll have left in my bank account at the end of the day if I can stay on track.  I need to be strong.  Are there any such thing as restaurant sponsors like in AA or NA?  Someone I can call when I'm feeling weak?

Gold with a Capital G

I think I may have stumbled across the absolute best tattoo idea ever.  I'm almost tempted to steal the idea and have the most amazing back piece done.

Alone in the Dark

Whenever I'm in a situation where I'm walking in the pitch black (like can't see anything black) I find that I walk with my eyes tightly closed rather than leaving them open allowing them to adjust.  I think it's to 'protect my eyes' from sharp pointy objects I might inadvertently walk into in said dark.  More than likely I'll walk into something at shin height, but I still do it.  Every time.  Does anyone else do this?

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I feel like I've been slacking with regards to my blog posts this month...and I guess, frankly, I have.  I haven't really been on the computer much lately.  I normally spend most of my computer time while I'm at work and well, we've just been both short staffed and so busy that I haven't spent much time in my office these past few weeks.  By the time I get home I just need to decompress, so that's what I've been doing.  And while my brain needs the down time it doesn't leave much for interesting things to blog about.

So besides busting my ass and brain at work since the 27th of December, I haven't really done anything at all except watch some TV shows on Netflix and kill people in Call of Duty: Black Ops.  I've needed the mundane stuff to keep me sane.  I did however, manage to clean out both the boys bedrooms (a total of two extra large garbage bags - full), change their furniture around, get a double bed for Gage and move his single bed into Roan's room to replace his old bed, put their 'new' TV's in their rooms, steam clean their carpets, clean the house thoroughly, compile a massive pile of stuff for the goodwill store and clean out my 'hall' closet.  Not exciting I know.

I did get an opportunity last week to have a decent conversation with an old friend that I really, really needed.  And since that conversation my head is spinning with thoughts again... 

Eric and I have decided to take the opportunity to buy my grandmother's car from her next month, so after buying our Christmas present (46" flat screen) we're curbing our spending.  It was a deal I couldn't really pass up.  It's an old man's car but since I already drive one of those, what's another right?  It's a '97 Buick LeSabre, but it only has 75 thousand kms on it and it's been maintained like no one's business.  It will give Eric more freedom to get out of the house and clear his head during the day and not be so reliant on me for his mobility. 

Let's see...what else has been happening?  The boys are both doing well.  We seem to have a good cocktail finally with regards to Roan's medication.  This new pill we have him on seems to be doing a world of wonder.  So much so that even he notices that school is easier for him.  So fingers are crossed that is the right direction.   Gage is on better behaviour after his little stint in December at school.  He volunteered some time during his Christmas holidays with his dad at a soup kitchen doling out food to the less fortunate.  I think it was a little bit of an eye opener for him and I'm quite grateful that he got to experience that.  I am taking him next Saturday to tour the teen homeless shelter (RAFT) in St. Catharines and that should pretty much wrap up his 'project/punishment'.  I'm hoping we did the right thing by him and that he's learned a valuable lesson.   He had to donate all the money in the bank account of his that I have control over to homeless teens ($150), he was grounded for 3 weeks, he lost the use of his Xbox for just over three weeks, he lost the use of his computer and cell phone for two weeks, he had to do a project on teen homelessness which was made up of studying the statistics, researching and writing about a song about homelessness, volunteering at the soup kitchen and touring the shelter.  Maybe it's a little harsh on paper but he's young and maliable now is the time to jump on poor behaviour.

The kitties are good.  Nika has finally decided to put the new cat, Mr. Squirrel in her place (5th from the top) and step up her game.  So there have been quite a few squabbles and fights this past couple of weeks.  I assume they'll sort it all out eventually, but I have a feeling the clawless wonder will reign supreme.  My money is on the Siamese.

Well I'm off to take advantage of these mild temperatures and go for a walk on this snowy day with Eric.  I've been cooped up in the house for two days doing nothing at all that I don't even feel like I had two days off.  Does that even make sense.  I'm starting to get cabin fever.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Big C

A couple of months ago I decided to spend the 8 bucks a month and subscribed to Netflix.  While I was quite disappointed that there wasn't more shows I wanted to see on there I have come across a few gems.  In a previous post I make mention of the show Madmen, which is awesome but this post is about a new show I've started. 

Marnie, at work, suggested I check out  "The Big C" when I got a chance.  Eric was out running errands and stuff so I thought it was the best time to start watching it as I was pretty sure he wouldn't be interested.  I ended up watching 9 episodes and cried through 7 of them (telling Eric to "F" off and get out of my bed when he laughed at me). 

Those who know me at all know that aside from frogs and toads my biggest fear is dying while my kids are still young.  I haven't quite determined if it's truly because I don't want to miss out on anything or if it's my need to be in control at all times and knowing that someone else will have control or if it's my narcissistic side telling me that my kids just couldn't fair well without me.  Regardless of the reasons I am terrified that something will happen to me while they are still young and need me.  It's an ongoing struggle for me when I have a young parent pass away and come through our funeral home. 

The main character Cathy has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma and has been given 1 1/2 year life sentence.  I know the show sounds morbid and dark right off the bat, but there is so much humour infused in it as well.   I also see my parenting skills in Cathy.  (If you wanted a good idea of how I parent my kids you could watch that show and it's pretty bang on.)  

My heart breaks in each episode as she struggles to teach her child (a snot nosed 14 year old boy) all the things she knows she isn't going to be able to, without actually telling him she's dying.  She hasn't told anyone except her new found friend/neighbour who is herself suffering from onset Alzheimers.  She's dealing with a breakdown in her marriage and trying to figure out how she's going to get through this without becoming a burden to her family, including her husband who just doesn't understand what's going on with her. 

If you get a chance to watch it, it's well worth the time.  They are only 1/2 hour episodes so they go by quickly (sadly).  The whole cast is great but Laura Linney, who plays Cathy, has basically enacted exactly how I would and want to behave if I'm ever given that dire news.   I get why Cathy is holding out telling her family (she doesn't want it to always just be about her being sick) but I think I'd need a better support system.  I would be bitter and angry. 


Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Who's a New Year's Eve party girl?  THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!  Ya that's right folks, I worked til 7 p.m., came home, ate, and immediately passed out by 8:30 p.m.  I slept right through until 10 a.m. the following day.  I vaguely remember hearing the fireworks at midnight, but I don't think I even opened my eyes.  Stupid busy work week from hell.

We actually had an invite to join Margaret, Chris, Jodi, Rob and some others at Margie's house and Eric was even on board to go, but I just wanted to go home and die.  So sadly I missed another fun night out.

I was almost a little disappointed that I didn't get my drunk, Happy New Year, phone call from Margie at midnight.  So anyway, here's to a wonderful 2011 with lots of good things planned.  Here's to actually living life and enjoying my time here.  Here's to introducing myself and my kids to new things.  Here's to another year with Eric by my side.  Here's to another good year at work with little to no complaints!  Here's to good things coming our way.  And here's to wonderful things happening to all the important people in my life.

Going Hi-Tech!

Rob decided since he's off work to take the boys for the second week of their Christmas vacation which was great. It's easier for Eric to get work done and we've been so ridiculously busy at work that I'm sure they're having a much nicer time there.  After Gage's soccer game on Thursday, Rob took them, so Eric and I decided to use the money his parents gave us and put it towards our new TV purchase.

We had gone by Futureshop the night prior with the boys to look at TV prices and options and found one that we really wanted but all they had left was the demo.  And everyone looked like Smurfs on the screen.  We asked the one guy what was wrong with it and he told us that one of the cables in the back wasn't plugged in.  So after we decided that we would likely take it another sales rep came over and told us it was broken.  We explained to him what the other rep told us and he looked in to it...much to his surprise it was just a missing cord and he'd lost out on a bunch of sales opportunities.  To our delight!  However, we thought we'd take a day or so to think on it and he promised to unplug the cord again so it looked broken.

Thursday night we decided to jump with two feet and go see if it was still there and much to our surprise (as with our luck it should have been gone) it was.  The same rep was there so we thought it only fair that we buy it off of him.  And so we came home with a kick ass 46" Samsung flatscreen for our bedroom.  It sure does make playing video games a whole lot sweeter!

Ends on a High Note

So Christmas got much more fun and childlike for me on Boxing Day.  Thank God, I was feeling bitter over the weekend.  Christmas as an adult just plain sucks.

We headed over to my parents to do our family Christmas on Boxing Day.  I knew my brother and Anita picked Eric and myself this year for our exchange and I always know Anita does well with gift choices.  She's like me, she tries to think of a 'personal' gift.  A gift that when she sees it it makes her think of the person.  That's how I Christmas shop.  It's a downer that not everyone is like that but whatever, that's my shtick. 

We opened our presents.  The boys got spoiled.  As always, cause it really is about the kids right?  I got a dress mannequin (antique style) to compliment my antique sewing machine and typewriters.  It's quite cool.  I also got a couple of books, one I've read and it was amazing, but I'll take it back and get something else to occupy my mind.  The other is the new Stephen King.  I was looking forward to reading his new book of short stories. They are always my favourites.  I also got some picture frames that I plan to use to frame a picture Roan drew and a painting I bought.  I know I got something else, but right now it's escaping me....

Eric was so pleasantly surprised at how well my brother Anita did in his gift selections as well.  He got an Adventure gift card.  It comes with a book of a bunch of different adventure ideas that Eric gets to choose from.  All across Canada...some are for one person, some are for two.  It's a pretty cool idea actually and we're looking forward to choosing something we've never done before.  He also got a Zombie/Star Trek t-shirt that he totally dug and his most favourite gift of the whole season...a Starship Enterprise.

I didn't take any pictures of my presents from Anita but they made me very happy.  She was worried and for no reason.  She did good.  ;)

After we left my parents I had to go to my friend Meg's birthday party.  I met Margaret, Chris, Jodi and Rob there.  Oh I almost forget, sweet little Darby.  I didn't bring Margie's presents with me as I thought that might be rude, but she brought mine and forced me to open them.  I got a bunch of new Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes which are amazing. I love her stuff.  And I got the best slippers EVER!  And an awesome most incredibly personal and thoughtful gift ever that her mom painted for me.  I love it so much!

It was purely a coincidence that when I got the idea to take this photo that I just so happened to be wearing the striped socks.  I forgot I had them on.  They only made the photo THAT much better.  I wish I was proficient in Photoshop as I would have added a house to the bottom where my knees are. 

This is a painting Margaret's mom, Pat, did of my house.  It's better than I ever would have dreamt.  I asked her where she got the photo from and she said they took a road trip one morning to get a photograph.  I love that she included the footprints from Roan in the front yard and Nika sitting in my living room window where she always takes up post.  It's on display prominently in my kitchen.