Monday, January 3, 2011

Going Hi-Tech!

Rob decided since he's off work to take the boys for the second week of their Christmas vacation which was great. It's easier for Eric to get work done and we've been so ridiculously busy at work that I'm sure they're having a much nicer time there.  After Gage's soccer game on Thursday, Rob took them, so Eric and I decided to use the money his parents gave us and put it towards our new TV purchase.

We had gone by Futureshop the night prior with the boys to look at TV prices and options and found one that we really wanted but all they had left was the demo.  And everyone looked like Smurfs on the screen.  We asked the one guy what was wrong with it and he told us that one of the cables in the back wasn't plugged in.  So after we decided that we would likely take it another sales rep came over and told us it was broken.  We explained to him what the other rep told us and he looked in to it...much to his surprise it was just a missing cord and he'd lost out on a bunch of sales opportunities.  To our delight!  However, we thought we'd take a day or so to think on it and he promised to unplug the cord again so it looked broken.

Thursday night we decided to jump with two feet and go see if it was still there and much to our surprise (as with our luck it should have been gone) it was.  The same rep was there so we thought it only fair that we buy it off of him.  And so we came home with a kick ass 46" Samsung flatscreen for our bedroom.  It sure does make playing video games a whole lot sweeter!

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