Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm not sure that there is anything in my life right now that is more entertaining than following my 13 year old son's Facebook page.  How I love the drama that 13 year old girls create.  It's nicer this time around, for me, because it isn't me believing that everything is the end of the world.  I still very much remember being a 13 year old girl which is probably why it's so much funnier for me.

Last night while I was cruising Gage's page I noticed that he was no longer listed as 'in a relationship' but is now 'single'.  That's not the most interesting part as I was already aware of this lifestyle change of his.  What was most interesting was the barrage of insults he was subject to from his 'ex-girlfriend's' friends.  They didn't feel it was fair that he broke up with his girlfriend through her best friend.  He should have been man enough to tell her to her face.  Might I remind you all, he's THIRTEEN.  A time in our lives when anything bad and uncomfortable is best said through a note, a friend, ignoring, etc.  In today's day and age it's so much easier, what with MSN, emails and Facebook.  So of course, after reading all of this, my immaturity and Mama Bear instincts kicked in and I couldn't NOT comment.  I got away with it for a couple of posts before someone figured out I was his mom.  At that point I made the concerted effort to keep my comments civil and mature (they always were, but I tried even harder to make sure they stayed that way).  I tried to 'educate' these girls on the real world.  I consider it community service on my part.  After 102 comments from myself and a few knowitall 13 year old girls I decided I'd wrecked enough havoc and bailed.

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