Monday, January 3, 2011

Ends on a High Note

So Christmas got much more fun and childlike for me on Boxing Day.  Thank God, I was feeling bitter over the weekend.  Christmas as an adult just plain sucks.

We headed over to my parents to do our family Christmas on Boxing Day.  I knew my brother and Anita picked Eric and myself this year for our exchange and I always know Anita does well with gift choices.  She's like me, she tries to think of a 'personal' gift.  A gift that when she sees it it makes her think of the person.  That's how I Christmas shop.  It's a downer that not everyone is like that but whatever, that's my shtick. 

We opened our presents.  The boys got spoiled.  As always, cause it really is about the kids right?  I got a dress mannequin (antique style) to compliment my antique sewing machine and typewriters.  It's quite cool.  I also got a couple of books, one I've read and it was amazing, but I'll take it back and get something else to occupy my mind.  The other is the new Stephen King.  I was looking forward to reading his new book of short stories. They are always my favourites.  I also got some picture frames that I plan to use to frame a picture Roan drew and a painting I bought.  I know I got something else, but right now it's escaping me....

Eric was so pleasantly surprised at how well my brother Anita did in his gift selections as well.  He got an Adventure gift card.  It comes with a book of a bunch of different adventure ideas that Eric gets to choose from.  All across Canada...some are for one person, some are for two.  It's a pretty cool idea actually and we're looking forward to choosing something we've never done before.  He also got a Zombie/Star Trek t-shirt that he totally dug and his most favourite gift of the whole season...a Starship Enterprise.

I didn't take any pictures of my presents from Anita but they made me very happy.  She was worried and for no reason.  She did good.  ;)

After we left my parents I had to go to my friend Meg's birthday party.  I met Margaret, Chris, Jodi and Rob there.  Oh I almost forget, sweet little Darby.  I didn't bring Margie's presents with me as I thought that might be rude, but she brought mine and forced me to open them.  I got a bunch of new Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes which are amazing. I love her stuff.  And I got the best slippers EVER!  And an awesome most incredibly personal and thoughtful gift ever that her mom painted for me.  I love it so much!

It was purely a coincidence that when I got the idea to take this photo that I just so happened to be wearing the striped socks.  I forgot I had them on.  They only made the photo THAT much better.  I wish I was proficient in Photoshop as I would have added a house to the bottom where my knees are. 

This is a painting Margaret's mom, Pat, did of my house.  It's better than I ever would have dreamt.  I asked her where she got the photo from and she said they took a road trip one morning to get a photograph.  I love that she included the footprints from Roan in the front yard and Nika sitting in my living room window where she always takes up post.  It's on display prominently in my kitchen.

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  1. LOL..You got a cat for the garden. I couldn't remember the frames in my post. LOL...glad you guys liked everything. <3 and I love, love, love the Wicked Witch of the East picture and slippers.