Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Demonic Colouring Crew

The other night after dinner I told Roan I'd colour and draw with him.  He likes when we do stuff like that together.  I also asked Eric if he'd like to join us on our mission to illustrate some "exorsist movie" that Roan watched at Rob's over the weekend.  He wanted the devil, demons, a fire demon, and other 'things' sitting around the fire demon campfire.  So the three of us went to town. 

I drew the fire demon, a zombie, a ghost, a flying bat-like monster, a witch and some multi-legged monster based on a Roan original.  Roan drew a couple of ghosts, a multi-legged monster, some demon, a devil (that he later erased so Eric could re-draw his), a moon with a monster in it, and helped me colour in my drawings and Eric drew the two devils, and the bat-boy like demon.  He's anal about staying in the lines.  Us (Roan and I ) true artists know how important it is to go outside of the lines.  At least that's what I keep telling myself and Roan. 

Here is our sweet masterpiece.  Don't be scared, it's only a drawing.

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