Saturday, February 19, 2011

Roan Art

 This is finally a picture of one of the projects Roan did in his art class this fall.  I'm finally getting around to posting it now.  He had to take a lump of plaster sine or clay or whatever it is a mold something out of it.  He decided to do the solar system.  And frankly he did pretty damn good if you ask me (though I'm probably biased).  He even included our moon.  Down below on the left is the ring he made me out of the leftover modeling clay.  I think it needs to be resized, but it's still lovely. 
 Below is a random letter/card he made for Eric one day.  We're not sure what initiated it as it wasn't like he was in trouble or anything.  He definitely likes making people cards.  I know he enjoys getting homemade cards from us just as much so we try to reciprocate every once in a while for his sake as well.  We don't do it quite as frequently as he does though. 
 "Eric and Roan (in heart)
Thank you for evreything I love you so much pease don't leave this house it maks me sad I will allways love you never won't thank you for every thing you have done for me and ather peopel
Love Roan M."

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