Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BC or Bust!

As my kids get older I feel this intense need to plan vacations with them.  I suppose I know it's so much easier to travel with them now.  They are old enough to 'appreciate' it, remember it, enjoy it, etc.  I was extremely fortunate as a child to be able to travel with my family despite the fact that there were 5 of us.  (I find it daunting enough just planning a vacation for 3)  So now that I'm the parent I want to give the same opportunities to my children.  I think it's important to see other parts of the province, country, continent, world. This past year we did the Disneyworld trip and it was so awesome.  I had so much fun with my boys that I now want to do a trip every year. 

I was originally tossing around a 5 day trip with just Gage and myself (Eric has no real interest and Roan's too young to care) to New York City in April.  I love it there so much and Gage really wants to go there.  I was excited just thinking about the idea of taking him.  I thought I'd check with my sister to see if she wanted to tag along, and I know my mom had an interest in going.  I've also got a connection at a funeral home in NYC where we can rent the upstairs apartment for so much less than what a hotel room would cost and it's right in the heart of Greenwich Village.  Anyway, after being responsible I've come to realize that if I want to do a family vacation in the summer with all four of us, then I can't really afford to take Gage this spring.  He's already going to Montreal with his Grade 8 class in June (for which I have to fork over a good chunk of change), and I'm planning an all-inclusive to Punta Cana in November with Margaret for a week.  Besides, the funeral home is remodeling the apartment at the moment so I think I'll take that as a sign and plan to take him to NYC next April instead.  I'll get my mom and sister on board and Gage promises he'll still very much want to go with his mom, aunt and grandma even when he's in Grade 9. 

So this year the family trip is to British Columbia.  Roan has heard Eric (mainly) and myself talk about how beautiful it is out there and now he really, really, really wants to go.  Gage has also expressed an interest in seeing another province.  I've started researching it as best I can and I've discovered it's not going to be nearly as convenient planning this trip as it was Disney.  While they have a lovely website of BC and all the things tourists like to do there, it's not going to be a cakewalk planning this.  It's already giving me a headache.  Airlines, rental cars, hotels, road trips, maps, attractions, GAH!  I'm still trying to figure out why it's so expensive to travel within my own country for crying out loud.  We're planning to go the last week of July, so the weather should be perfect for us out there.  So I'm on to another project...creating another perfect vacation for the family, this year without the help of the most magical place on earth.  Sigh....

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  1. Keep me posted about when and how long you're planning - we can try to find you accomodation - someone may be subletting a house or something! YAY!