Monday, September 10, 2012

Kijiji Fail

What started out as a complete high, ended in a melancholy low.  Once again had pulled through for me in my quest to find a suitable couch for my newly converted den.  I scored this beauty for 150 buckaroonies:

I loved the colour (What were the odds I'd find a decent grey couch like I was hoping?), I loved the lines (modern design to boot), I loved the condition it was in (near perfect) and I loved the price.  Too bad it didn't love me back.  It refused (similar to Dempsy being forced into his dog crate) to go down the hallway to its final forever home.  Just outright, stood its ground, refused.  There was no way we could even beat it into submission.  

So back to searching for a new forever home for this lovely lady (I think of this pretty couch as feminine and my current beige corduroy couch as masculine, is that weird?) and a new shorter couch for my den.  I've accomplished part one, Lesley is going to take her off my hands which doesn't make this disappointment as painful.  I've recouped my financial losses and every once in a while I'll get to visit with couch again and sit on her!  And I might be on to another smaller couch to take up residence in my home soon.  But with this new option I'm gonna have to paint her grey, because right now I feel she's more masculine than I'd like for my pretty new den. 

This den completion keeps eluding me. 


  1. Well, that is a serious bummer! But at least you'll get some occasional visitation with your temporary beauty. Good luck with your new find.

  2. I actually had to use a sawzall on a couch that similarly refused to enter its forever home, aka my sewing room/guest room. If my husband hadn't spent an hour and a half forcing it up the stairs (all because of a fight we'd had over said couch), the sawzall would not have been necessary.

    1. This almost resulted in a fight in our household too, but I kept my shit together. Barely.