Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Moment -part deux {2}

So sorry everyone, I was supposed to post the follow up to Monday's post on Friday but the day got away from me and we were heading out of town so I didn't get on here. 

Here's a quick synopsis of what memories accompany that picture.

Gage had previously been dumped and had gotten back together with the girl.  He had come to recently find out that she had only gotten back together with him because she was afraid that one of his friends, whom she was not interested in, was going to ask her out (a little presumptuous as it wasn't true).  So basically she was using him and he found out.  I asked him if he was sad or mad.  He replied, a little of both.  This sent my Mama-bear instincts into turmoil.  So we hatched a plan to dump her first.  A plan I was 100% confident would send her into fits of tears.  Wrong yes, but I'm not her mom, I'm his and he said he was sad. 

I remember what it was like to be a 12 year old girl so I knew how to accomplish this task.  We took a white shirt and wrote "AVAILABLE" on it in Sharpie.  He went to school and walked up to her at recess when all her friends were around and said, "Hey ****!  You and me?  We're through!"  The idea was to wear the t-shirt in front of her at this point and say the above and walk away.  He had better plans.  He borrowed a friend's zip up hoodie and wore it over his t-shirt for the first part of his day.  Then at the selected time he did what we talked about followed by unzipping the hoodie and walking up the hallway declaring to all the girls, "That's right ladies, Gage is available, Gage is available."

He was proud as punch when he got home and reported to Eric and Eric's buddy Tony what had transpired.  That's when Eric took this picture.  It takes a lot to get Gage to smile in a photo.  He felt much better about himself, and for that reason I'm not guilted by causing a girl in grade 7 to cry.  Besides, 12 year old girls cry all the time.  Pfft. 


  1. It should be hard to support such pre-meditated hurtfulness, yet I find the mother in me understands completely.

  2. I know, I totally understand. And had he just said he was mad I would have told him to suck it up and get over it as he was only 12. But the minute he said he was sad...I don't know what happened to me. hahaha That was really the first time that particular instinct kicked in for me.

  3. gosh, do not look forward to when my little boys reach this heart ache stage. Kind of glad right now kissing and stuff at 7 and 8 is "Yucky."

    1. Yup hang on to these moments filled with cooties and yuckiness, it goes away literally over night! ha