Friday, September 14, 2012

{This Moment - Part deux}

This a pretty old picture of Gage and Roan.  If I hazzard a guess I'd say it's at least 4 years old.  Gage is probably around 11 and Roan is around 7.  The boys and I had gone to the movie theatre to see a flick, the title is lost on me at the moment.  We were early so we went to hang out in the lounge area which was unpopulated for the most part.  I read the weekly and free version of Tribute magazine (one of my most favourite parts about going to the movie theatre) and the boys killed time. 

Once I was finished with my gossip rag I pulled out the old trusty camera from my purse and forced the boys to pose for silly pictures with me.  We have a bunch of them from this photoshoot, but this one is one of my favourites because I forced them into one of those awkward photo poses that would be worthy of that infamous website.  I made Gage lie down on the bench on his belly and told Roan to climb on top and lay down.  Then I said SMILE!  This is what I got.  I was actually kind of surprised Gage didn't balk at this suggestion, but this was clearly before he got his braces that made his teeth straighter thus making him "way more cool" and thus too hip to act silly with his little brother and his mom.

I don't remember the movie at all, but I do remember the 40 minutes we killed, just the three of us, laughing and snapping silly pictures of each other. 

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  1. Definitely an idea worth "borrowing." I love the image and playfulness of your boys as well as the lovely memory. I didn't see part one, so it also made me click through for the rest of the story, brilliant strategy for keeping me here :-)