Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Natural

I have never at any point in my life felt close to tears after a UFC fight until I just watched the Randy Couture/Lyoto Machida.  I've never kept it a secret that I love Randy.  He's a stand up guy, always gracious, a gentleman always. I have so much respect for him as an athlete in simply that department alone.  The fact that he is an amazing fighter with tons of accolades behind him only enhances that.

I was so disappointed that he was beaten by Machida, but again, he handled it gracefully and Machida did as well.  If he had to go out losing, he lost to a great opponent and didn't pull a Chuck Liddell and lose 4/5 times in a row before Dana White handed him his walking papers.  A great winner and an even better loser.  I'm sad I won't see Randy fight anymore but I hope we see tons and tons of him doing coverage and commentary in the future.  He's an awesome guy.

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