Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fourth Grade Love

The other day I was cleaning up and stumbled across the following note Roan sent to his 'former' girlfriend.  She had dumped him because she was mad at his friend Mitchell.  One can't blame her for being angry with Mitchell, he brings that out of people... but why should that warrant a dumping of my sweet boy Roan??

Anywho, the note seemed to work because they are once again the golden couple at school.  He is a man who is straight to the point and of few words.  I love it!!  I especially love the broken heart in the crossed out circle picture.  That's pretty sweet.  And the double negative is good too.  "Don't show no won" would insinuate that she should show everyone right?  And the actual note itself is pretty amazing.  My kid is truly awesome. 

He's a catch I tell ya!

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