Sunday, May 1, 2011

Turning Luck?

For the longest time Roan has talked about finding a four leaf clover or rather his desire to find a four leaf clover.  He didn't really believe that they existed, thought we were busting his chops and trying to pull a fast one on him.  So the other day he and his friend Kyle decided to look for four leaf clovers after discovering a clover patch and much to Roan excitement and delight the first clover he picked happened to be the elusive four leaf clover.

I am hoping that based on how things have been going for our family over this past month that a four leaf clover depicting good luck is exactly what we all need at this time. Fingers crossed!  Wait....if I cross my fingers will that good luck symbol counter balance the four leaf clover?  I'll uncross and rely solely on the wilting clover.

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