Thursday, May 26, 2011

Run Gage Run!

A month or so ago Gage participated in Track & Field with his school and won 1st place in 100m and 200m dash.  These wins propelled him on to a citywide Track and Field day where he competed with all the schools in Niagara Falls.  Knowing he was progressing on he wanted some specific Nike track shoes.   I agreed to get these 'magical' shoes for him as his graduation gift because I'm sure you can imagine, they weren't cheap.  He believed that they would make him run faster.  That's obvious isn't it? 

Anyway, yesterday was the citywide Track & Field meet and Gage was there running the 100m, 200m and Relay Race.  He walked away at the end of the day placing in all three.  First in 100, second in 200 and the Prince Philip team finished first in Relay. I'm a proud mom.  He did so good!  Maybe those shoes were the cincher!

Next he moves on to DSBN on Monday, June 13th to compete against schools throughout the Region who placed as well.  I think I'll take a lieu day that day and go watch the races. 

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