Monday, May 30, 2011

Mystery Box = Family Fun Time!

I meant to post a picture of this a while ago, and I guess I had thought I already did.  But looking back through my posts I now see I have made a GRAVE oversight.  Below is the science project that Gage had using Hydrolics and whatever the -olics is that uses air.  Pneu something I think.  Anyway, it was a family affair utilizing some skills of Eric (mainly), mine (mostly just my financial investment) and Gage's. 

Gage decided he wanted to do the Mystery Box from the Call of Duty Video games (Zombie maps) and the hydrolics would be what he used to push the teddy bear up through the top of the box.  If you don't currently play COD then you won't get the symbolism of the teddy bear, but whatever.  It was a BRILLIANT idea and one Eric and I ran with.  We picked up accessories to glue down to help decorate the box that are also symbolic of the video game.  This picture is missing the final piece of the puzzle, the cymbal monkey.  We were still letting the paint dry, so just envision a cymbal monkey in that empty space. 

When we were done I think we were all quite pleased with the end result.  Gage walked away with an 82% on it.  I'm pretty sure it will take up residence on his shelf in his room with his other video game trinkets. 

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