Sunday, May 1, 2011

News Radio

Last week while I was at Massey Hall to see the Pixies, I noticed on their sign that Joe Rogan was coming to town and doing a stand up gig. It didn't dawn on me that the UFC was finally coming to Toronto so it made sense that Rogan would also be in town.  Anywho, I asked Eric if he'd like to go as part of his birthday present and of course he did.  We headed there after work, grabbed a bite to eat and met up with Jon and Laura.

The show was fantastic.  I haven't been to too many comedy shows in my life but Eric and I like to watch comedy specials and from time to time we come across a gem.  We've seen all of Joe Rogan's and to date he hasn't disappointed.  We were worried that he'd recycle a lot of his old material but that wasn't the case at all.  It was all new material and a lot of it inappropriate and of the 'cross the line' rating.  Definitely not family rated or for those who are too sensitive.  He had two openers and both of them were great as well.  A night of lots of laughs and another perfect evening of distraction.

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