Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dark Run, Blind Fury

So who doesn't love a story about an underdog trying to fulfill a dream while raising money for a number of charities?   I mean that sounds like the making of a great Hollywood production doesn't it?  And maybe if he's successful that will come to fruition. 

So here's the story:   My friend Stuart "T-bone" Gunn is attempting to beat the landspeed world record on a motorcycle.  Sounds pretty lame when you hear it doesn't it?  EXCEPT, he's registered 100% blind!  Yup blind.  Not blindfolded...actually blind...on a motorcycle going top speed!  Is he crazy???  Maybe a little.   Oh I should mention he also suffers from 90% paralysis on the entire right side of his body.  So lets make sure we understand the magnitude of this situation, he's physically disabled and blind, racing a high speed motorcycle around a track going as fast as he possibly can.  Sounds like disaster waiting to happen, but if anyone can pull this off, it's Stuart.  He's got his heart behind him.  And he's doing all this for bragging rights and to support a number of charities that are dear to that awesome heart of his. 

The bike he wants to be riding, the chair he normally rides.

The official date of the race hasn't been set yet and the logistics are still confusing to me, but I trust it is going to get done (I know the plan was for it to happen this year some time).   He's participated in numerous charity events to raise awareness and funds for this adventure and could use even more support.  Check out his webpage, Raspberry Ripple Racing  to read his story of how he's ended up where he is, and the details about the race.  Give your support with words or put your money where your mouth is, every little bit helps I'm sure.  It's a pretty surreal venture.   Since it doesn't cost you a cent, you could totally repost this and know that you're making a man smile with a single act of kindness.  The more people who are aware of this event, the better!  Do your part will you?  Help a man achieve his goal.  

Good luck T-bone!  I'm proud to call you my friend. 

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  1. I love you Holly!! I'm also proud to call you my friend!

    RR the Flying Raspberry!