Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sad Day, Hoppy Day!

This little guy is an inhabitant of my backyard.  He makes me feel better about all the dandelions that have taken over in place of a yard made of grass.  I kind of wish he had a hankering for pricker bushes more though.  Anyway, the other day I was driving up the busier street that runs parallel with ours and there was (sadly) a squished dead bunny in the street. 

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  Not Peter Peter Dandelion Eater!  I actually felt a pang of disappointment and sadness.  I'll miss his little squishy (no pun intended) nose and watching him hop, hop, hopping along. 

But wait for it.....

Then I saw him AGAIN!  I saw all those things I was going to miss, not the squished on the road version.  He's ALIVE!  Or zombified.  (And I know there is absolutely NO way that there could be more than one little rabbit.  Nope, just him!)  Oh hoppy day!

And in unrelated news, I have made it easier for you to keep tabs on my dull existance, by signing up for email notifications when I update!  The robots are making our lives just too easy!  Soon, they will be able to write my blog for me.

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