Friday, July 20, 2012

Remember to cross you T's and dot your i's.

Remember pen pals?  Remember when we were kids and part of our school curriculum was to write letters to other kids, thus making them our pen pal (and far away friend for life, or rather just that school year)?  They could have been children from another country (even half way around the world) or just kids from another town in our school district (the school board's way of saving stamps probably).  It didn't matter to us kids though, because even the other side of town was pretty far to a 9 year old. 

Looking back, I understand the thinking behind it.  This project teaches the young students how to write letters, work on their penmanship and spelling, and of course reading, in a much more appealing approach than just writing mock letters.  We also learned about other lifestyles, cultures and countries (cities and schools even) and creating relationships. 

Is it wrong that I find it sad that the art form of pen and paper writing is quickly dying off?  The idea of pen pals loses some of it's appeal when it's done via email (cause isn't that just online dating now?).  It saddens me that the youth of today will never understand how thrilling it can be to receive something in the mail with their name on it.  Something specifically for them, not just a random credit card application form that they aren't even legally allowed to have.   I remember trading sticker sheets with my pen pal in elementary school (don't ask me her name, I just know I got some sweet stickers and sent some sweet stickers).  It was cool to get random stuff from another place in the world.  You can't do that via computer now can you??

I kind of wish I had a pen pal right now.  Someone I could babble on to (I guess I'm redirecting my babbles through my blog) and send stuff to and vice versa.  Wouldn't that be fun?   So much so, that I researched the Internet looking for pen pal sites (after a brain cramp where I momentarily thought I might be on to something here - clearly millions of others have had this thought as well).  There are actually lots!  I'm contemplating joining one and finding myself a pen pal.  Like in Switzerland so I can go visit, or somewhere warm and far away.  Yes, ulterior motives always.  Unless you, dear reader, wanna be my pen pal! 

Anywho's here are some sites I found:

And my absolute favourite two are listed below.  I know I'm going to lose countless hours just going through these next two sites.  Most prison pen pal sites offer full disclosure of the inmates crime(s) and they offer additional advice when deciding to be a prison pen pal (probably like how to convince yourself to marry one).  I'm a great listener and advice offerer and I love juicy gossipy details, oh and crazy people's ramblings....this could be a wonderful union.

Maybe if I persue this I'll get some great letters and future blog posts.  A two for! 
Writing pen pals AND crafting?  Look at me becoming all well rounded. 


  1. I had a pen pal when I was in elementary school nearly 30 years ago. I can't remember what their name was or where they were from...or much anything else about them, to be quite honest lol. But I remember the feeling I had of getting a letter from someone very far away from where I lived. I was thrilled.

    I used to be on a site more than 10 years ago that hooked people up with pen pals from Ireland. But it just wasn't the same as the old days. :(

  2. I am with you!!! I use to write letters daily. Buy stickers to decorate the envelopes and use different colored pens. It was so much fun and nothing was better then getting something in the mail.

    Thank you for the sites!! I am going to check them out.

    1. Oh I completely remember the coloured pens too! Good memory. I really think I'm going to look into this pen pal thing. I'm even going to find coloured pens and awesome adult stickers to send! :P

  3. I had a pen pal too, who lived in Australia, I'm from Canada. She even came to visit me which is when we discovered that she was 22 and I was 13. Probably a little disappointing for her, but pretty cool for me! Hee hee.

    1. Oh my god, that's hillarious. Good thing she didn't turn out to be a 22 year old man.

      See, this damn internet has even ruined this harmless, funny memory! D'oh!

  4. my pen pal's name was Junko Honda and she lived in Japan... and I still address all my envelopes by hand even if it's a computer generated letter inside... :) handwriting is a dying art form... so sad that they don't even teach it in school anymore!