Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Classy Glassys

Here are the redneck wine glasses that I made for the contest I previously ran.  I did the draw for two winners because I only had supplies for two, but I found another candle stick at a garage sale recently so I made a third.  I figure to give it to my aunt who has made it crystal clear that she wants one and is not going to stop bringing it up until I put one in her little hands.  (Edit since this has been sitting in my drafts waiting on a photo:  My aunt has already laid claim to hers.)

That's just grape pop and a bottle of homemade Italian dressing.  Whatevs, it's all about the staging no?

This craft is actually quite simple if you can find the two major components.  All you need is a mason jar, a glass or crystal candle stick and a good glue that dries clear.  Make sure the glue you use will work to adhere glass on glass.  I also wouldn't recommend putting them in the dishwasher.  But if carefully hand washed, they should be pretty resilient. 

I think these are a great gift idea for a wedding (for someone with a sense of humour at least) or house warming gift.  Maybe even a birthday gift for your girlfriend who loves herself a glass of wine.  My brother is having a White Trash birthday party for his 40th this year.  I would love to find a butt-load of candle sticks and make a bunch for his party, but I doubt I'll be so lucky.   I found a box of different sized and styled mason jars at a yard sale for $5 and I got each candle holder for 50 cents at different garage sales.  So all in all, a pretty cheap craft.  I hope the recipients enjoy it and feel inclined to be creative themselves and make an entire set!


  1. Love these! Even though I didn't win, :(. Gives me incentive to try and make one or two for myself!

  2. These are awesome! I think I just found my Christmas gifts for my friends back home in Texas. :)