Sunday, July 8, 2012

Holly's Hollywood Story

Some of my real life friends already know this story, but since the main reason I want to keep a blog is for me to have some sort of 'record' of my life, (Ideally for when my kids are older and for their children and so on.)  I'm going to share it with you.    I'm not that interesting of a person and I don't lead a mahoussively (that's my first use of this new made up word, courtesy of Michelle) awesome life so for me this TRUE story is one of the very few great ones I have. 

So lets back track all the way to April 2008 when I stumbled on a necklace that I fell in love with at Tiffany & Co. (yup, the one in the movies in New York City and after having ridden the elevator 4 times) and decided to do something nice for myself as I had just been promoted at work.   I quite spontaneously became the owner of a pretty, delicate letter ‘h’ necklace. I wear it all the time and I’m rarely without it. In most of my pictures you will see my trademark “h”. I have had so many compliments on it over the past couple of years and I still love it like the first time I saw it.

Now fast forward to September 2009, 8 months into a relationship with Eric who for the majority of those 8 months has been in British Columbia, a 5 hour plane ride from me.  And who is currently still in BC at the time of this story.  September also happens to be my birthday month. 

So today is September 2, 2009 and I’m working a funeral and in walks a delivery girl from Purolator and puts a small box down on the desk. I walk over to her assuming it's just a keepsake urn from head office and I sign that I’ve received it. I jokingly say, “Oh look Nancy (my co-worker), it says it's to me, I wonder if someone sent me jewelry.”, in that facetious tone we all know I have. She laughs and said, “Wouldn't that be awesome?” I said, “Ya, how sweet would it be to open it up and see a little blue box staring at me?” The Purolator girl starts laughing and I look and it says T & Co as the sender. So I laugh and say, “Oh see Nancy? T & Co, that could stand for Tiffany & Co!”. She laughs and says, “Ya right!”, and walks away. The Purolator girl says, ”Well now I have to stay while you open it.” So as she's punching my last name info into the computer as the receiver, I open the box. And there staring at me is a blue box. I gasp, and stare hard at her, she peeks over and gasps and stares back at me in silence. I’m dumbfounded. I can’t even get my head around what’s happening. We both at the same time say, “HOLY SHIT!” I then go walking through the building looking for Nancy. Purolator girl is still hot on my heels.  I find Nancy and scream down the stairs, “It IS a blue box from Tiffany's!” Nancy comes running upstairs and sees me just standing there dumbfounded holding it in my hand and she starts flailing her arms saying, “Open it! Open it!” Purolator girl is yelling at me to open it too. So I do, and I pull out a new necklace, but this time instead of an “h” there is an “e”. And then my eyes all start watering (they probably packed some tear gas in there too by mistake....ya that must be what caused the watery eyes). And Nancy gasps and sighs, then Purolator girl is like, let me see, let me see and she is all like awwwwwww, what's his name? And I said Eric. His name is Eric. And then I told her about my  "h"necklace and she's like, “Oh my god, this just made my whole day!”
I've left the entire box except the blue one upstairs, so I haven't even seen a card. I'm in total shock and awe and swooning and melting and being a just plain silly girl and giddy and shit. Then I go look at the box and find the card. And then I cry.   Damn you Clark!

I am truly lucky. People have always said when you find him Hol, you’ll just know. I was skeptical. But I think I now know what they mean. He doesn’t have to buy me anything ever and I would still feel the same way. But when he does little unexpected things like this for me, he just finds a way to steel another piece of my heart. And aside from my kids, I’ve never felt that before.

I am so grateful for what I’ve found in him, regardless of the distance between us, and I look forward to spending many more years growing closer together with him, no matter how far apart we are. I will love him always. Or at least someone "wise" has said that

So that's my own little Hollywood story.  I don't have many so bear with me when I feel the need to share the odd one I get!  And so now, three years and then some later, I still think he's pretty rad. 


  1. Nice. :) Still a good story, after all these years.

  2. Aww. That is definitely a story worth being silly and giddy over; you're a lucky girl.