Monday, September 27, 2010

Re-cap - Random Post

Monday I headed to SYTYCDC with my aunt.  A few of the dances were amazing, a couple were complete duds, making it very clear in my opinion who was going to be outed this week. I was right.  I also discovered just how much CTV edits the shows.  One dance ended and the entire audience was in complete silence.  You could hear a pin drop, then a huge uproar in applause.  They edited a bunch of cheering and clapping in place of the silence.  I think they made a mistake.  I think it showed just how much impact that dance had on the audience with the sheer silence of a crowd that size, but whatever.  What do I know? 

All last week I've been getting sick.  Roan came home the week prior with a cold which, like the nice boy he is, he has shared with me (welcome back to school everyone!).  It's mainly in my head, not so much in my throat or chest.  I can't breathe, my head feels like cement and I just feel drained of all energy.  I just want to sleep.  I'm guessing it's going to start to peter out this week, but thus far, still feel ew.  I came home from work early on Friday and just slept.  It was a complete write off. 

Saturday I went for breakfast with Eric and Lesley.  I don't know if it was just me not feeling well, but it was mediocre.  Lesley brought me a birthday present which always makes me happy.  A new purse (Eric thinks it's a consolation gift, little does he know this ranks high on girl's wish lists - such a boy), a new wallet and a new shirt. 

Before breakfast, we talked to Ryan who gave us the bad news that they were putting their beloved dog down later that afternoon.  He was now at the point where his quality of life was compromised.  It was a sad day.  Monty is probably the best dog I know.  And that's saying a lot as I'm pretty picky and particular about the dogs in my life.  I'm clearly a cat person.  But Monty was amazing. He had an old soul and he was such a good dog.  Few and far between.  Ryan and Monty has been a team for many, many years and I know how lost Ryan's going to feel without him.  It was a tough decision, but the right decision.  We told them we'd stop by to see them on Sunday before we left Toronto. 

It took us 3+ hours to get to Toronto from Niagara Falls on Saturday night.  Neither of us were happy campers.  Damn Jon and his birthday BBQ.  It was just a small gathering with a few of Jon's friends.  All of them were super nice until Talley (sorry Jon) got there.  She's a friend (sorry), Jon's best friend.  She clearly felt there was some invisible competition going on between her and Eric and who was Jon's better friend, blah, blah, blah.  It felt like Grade 1 all over again.  Well actually, if felt more like a group of Grade 8 catty girls, but I digress.  I wasn't too upset when she left. 

Sunday morning, we headed over to Ryan and Amber's to go for breakfast but got there too late for Amber to join us before she had to be at work because a transport truck basically ran over a little car on St. Clair Avenue, shutting the entire street down.  Again, I hate Toronto traffic.   Ryan, Eric and I ventured out for breakie and it was slightly better than Saturday's breakfast (which leads me to believe, it's my cold making it blah).  Hung out with Ryan for a couple hours then made our way, homeward bound (in under 1 1/2 hours, go figure). 

Watched the UFC from Saturday night, caught up on my celebrity gossip (wishing Lindsay Lohan would just die already).  Which brings me to a point I forgot.  Saw Machete this weekend.  It was actually really, really good.  Gorey and bloody, but decent.  Lindsay is in it.  She basically plays herself.  A coked out whore. 

Then I took a hot bath, doped myself up on cold meds and went to sleep.  Today I'm hating life still and hating the thought that in two hours I'll be back in my car headed to Toronto (AGAIN) to see SYTYCDC with my sister and her friend Ashley.  Maybe if I pass out while the taping is on, they'll give me a seat.  But on a happier note, when I got to my office this morning, on my desk waiting for me was my pretty pink cell phone.  I have to find silver linings from time to time regarding my job and what perks come with it.  Company car would be the main one but this pretty pink phone is a close second.  Now I just have to get everyone's digits again since I lost all of them in my old phone.

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