Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'd like to take a moment to apologize.  I've joked with my mom in the past about this very subject but now I'm putting it in print.

I'm sorry to my parents, all of the adults in my life and all of the adults I came in contact with while I was a snot nosed, know it all, teenager.

On Monday night Dawn, Ashley and myself ventured up to Toronto to see another taping of SYTYCDC (I swear this will be my last mention of that show on my blog, this year).  Because I'd already been to a taping I knew kind of when they would be lining everyone up to move us into the studio.  So I scoped out the area and we made our way to the very front of the line with the hopes of getting up onto the catwalk to watch the show.  Didn't work out quite as I planned but we definitely got a decent place to stand and watch the taping from the side of the stage.  There was a row of adorable girls and a couple of teenage girls who were super stoked to be there and watching them react to the whole experience, in my opinion, was worth going to the show.   However, that being said, there was a row of stupid, douche bag teenage girls behind us who were beyond annoying.  They felt that because they were shorter than us, they should be in front of us, they didn't believe the "no cell phone rule" applied to them, nor did the no gum chewing rule and that they didn't have to listen to or heed the female usher's instructions because, well I can think of no other obvious reason except that, she is a girl and clearly wasn't as cool as them so they could intimidate her.  I can't remember the last time I have wanted to say something nasty or hit someone in the face so badly.  I was most proud of the, I'm guessing 11 year old, girl in front of us who kept turning around and giving them the best stink eye a pre-teen could give.  They weren't paying attention though so they probably missed those awesome dirty looks.  They talked through everything.  Leah's intro's, the dances, the down times, the judge's commentary, everything.  It was increasingly hard to follow what was happening because they were so loud.  They did whatever they could to throw a taping.  They were those annoying girls who continuously had to announce how 'drunk they were' as well.  I'll tell you this, if we were any where else I'd probably have started something.

These types of girls make me embarrassed to be part of this gender.  It's disappointing.  The girls in front of me made me proud to be part of this gender.  I took a moment to point out to the good girls that that was a prime example of why they should never do drugs or drink alcohol because it turned you into a self righteous, stuck up, bitch.  I'd have used another word that started with a C but I thought that might be too harsh for their nice girl ears.

So again, I apologize if I ever acted that way.  Period.  No excuses.  It would have made me a douche.

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