Thursday, September 30, 2010

Parental Homework

So Gage has a tendency to be lazy.  "What?", you say?  "Not possible."  But it's really true.  He has so much potential locked into that little 13 year old boy but he's just too lazy to tap into it...unless forced or provoked.

So the other day he came home with an art project that he had all week to work on.  He had to do a composition revolving around his name.  Thankfully that's only four letters.  You would think this would be a relatively easy task, I mean he could be named Sebastian like his cousin and have an extra large art project.  But nope, just four letters....Here's is lazy first attempt at the assignment.  He started it without taking any time to actually think about what he wanted to do or what he actually could do if he gave the effort.  

I've been home from work all week sick so I was getting bored and going stir crazy.  I talked to Gage about his project, just making conversation about what he's obviously into these days:  Soccer, Eminem, Xbox, DC shoes, music.  So I said to him, why don't we research Graffiti lettering symbolic of Detroit where Enimen is actually from and do something like that for your name.  I said I'd help him if needed and he agreed with some skepticism about whether he could pull it off or not.  I figured he could with a little patience.  So we checked out lettering and came up with the following.  We then added musical notes, DC emblem, a soccer ball and Eminem (cause that was uber important).  I'm quite proud and hopefully  I  Gage gets an A.  B+ at the minimum.

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