Monday, September 6, 2010

A kid at heart.

So today I paid off the Disney portion of the trip.  It's a good feeling.  I've already bought and paid for the Universal Studios portion of the trip.  I'm going to take a loss on Eric's two tickets and meal plan for two days, but maybe if his name isn't attached to them I'll do the good samaritan thing and hand one to a couple of people at the main entrance who haven't bought their tickets yet and make their day. The pass is good for both parks and for two days.  And then I can be a good person and hand over to two other people the unlimited dining plans for the day at Universal.  I can 'pay it foward' so they say.  We'll see how generous I'm feeling by the 6th day in a row of amusement parks.

I also bought extra tickets to the Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party and Parade.  So on Monday of the week we're there we'll be able to stay in the Magic Kingdom after close at 7 p.m. until midnight and celebrate Christmas the way Disney does it up.  There's going to be a parade and fireworks and cookies and hot cocoa and it's going to 'snow' on Main Street and, and....why am I getting so giddy?

Oh ya, that's why!!  Anyway, that's something I have to look forward to that I wasn't even aware was going to be on while we were there.  So extra exciting now.

I've got all of our dinner reservations booked as well.  Everything on the menus looks so yummy and I can almost hardly wait just to eat.  We're doing the Sci Fi Diner where we sit in convertibles and watch drive in movies while we eat.  We're doing the 50's Diner where the wait staff all play the appropriate roles for the name of the restaurant.  We're eating, another night, in the midst of the world's largest aquarium. Of course it's a seafood restaurant.  Irony intended I think.  And of course we have to do one character dinner with Pooh and the gang.  And then we're doing a Signature Dinner with a fancy dancy restaurant where we have to abide by a dress code.  That should prove to be interesting with my two boys.   I hope they have as much fun as I intend to.


  1. Got a thousand bucks? You can come with me!! November 6-13th. :)

  2. The money I've got (or can get relatively easily.) It's the time off and inevitable guilt trip from husband and kids that would prevent me. :) but thanks for the offer.