Saturday, September 18, 2010


Last weekend we went to Eric's parents for a BBQ while the weather was/is still relatively decent.  We played monkey balls and got to see Mighty Felix.  Man he's growing like a weed.  He's super adorable too.  Cute babies everywhere.

This Sunday Eric's family is coming by for birthday cake.  I'm going to be so caked out this coming week.  We've done cake on Wednesday night with my family for my b-day, at work on Thursday because it was Kent's last day (of which I am uber uber sad), then left over cake here and there from the original Wednesday night, then cake on Sunday and then we're doing cake at work on Tuesday for my birthday. I'm really going to need that hydro-colonic next month. 

Here are some pics from Sunday at Jill and Larry's:
Chris, Felix and Eric

Gage and Roan



  1. Happy Birthday Holly!

    and i'm not even sure I want to know what playing, "monkey balls" is

  2. It's hard to explain, but it's a backyard game kind of like bocce ball but totally not like it. But that type of genre. Nothing dirty. :)

    And thank you!!

  3. oh thank god, i was kind of worried, it honestly didnt sound like a family game...well, not a "normal" family game at least

    and no problem, hope it was a good one, i was going to wish you a happy birthday on facebook, but i thought that it might seem more sincere on your blog by showing that i actually read what you have to say and i'm not just someone who randomly sends happy birthday messages to everyone on their list when it's their birthday, even if they dont ever read what you write...know what i mean?