Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get'er done.

So on Friday I had to do the inevitable 'sit down' with one of my employees about their demeanor and work habits, or lack there of.  This is one part of the job I loathe.  Deep down inside I'm still a decent person and hurting someone's feelings intentionally never makes me feel great, though that wasn't the purpose of the meeting.  Especially when I actually like the  person.  That being said, it doesn't mean I like working with the person. 

So after weeks and months of having high tolerance I've come to a point where I can honestly say I've been hating my job.  I'm becoming more and more bitter because of one employee.  This is the first time I have ever been able to say that about my career and it saddens me. 

I've had many small conversations with said employee as issues happen, but this needed to be a serious sit down where everything is put on paper and they understand the severity of the meeting.  Normally they just blow things off.  So my manager came down and the three of us sat down for the meeting.  I wasn't sure how the meeting was going to go off.  Wasn't sure if it would be easier if the employee broke down, quit and ran out or did what they did and apologized and promised to do better.  They've been given 3 months to pull their socks up and with unease I know they'll be able to do this.  I just don't think it will last and I'll be having to have this conversation again further down the road and that frustrates me to no end.  When I signed on for this job it wasn't to babysit adults or funeral director's with double the experience that I have. 

Anyway, I've said my point and I think the seriousness of the situation came across, so I guess only time will tell what will transpire.  I hate ending work weeks on this kind of note.  Hopefully Monday will be much better.

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