Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top Model

About a year ago, maybe longer, my brother Geoff and his wife Anita began a photography company called Through A Cracked Lens.  It's horror inspired photography. Subtle, with a touch of the creepy.  It's a pretty brilliant idea.  Anyway, they've been having success with it and have produced numerous different photos/ideas.  You can see their work on the website or facebook page. 

I've already had the priviledge of participating in a photo last year called "Found".  You get the idea of what it is:

This May, Anita approached me again about doing another picture with them.  Of course I said sure.  They don't normally show faces so I was game.  This time was different.  Thank goodness I watch America's Next Top Model which taught me how to "shmize".  Turns out it wasn't going to be a shmizing opportunity.  She told me I needed to wear boxer shorts, a beater and my Doc's.  Great!  Guess what?  It was COLD out!  But I'm a trooper who sticks to her word. 

It was a fun morning of fake blood, dirt, and accessories.  I spent the day running through a field in bare feet and in boots in hopes of getting a shot both Geoff and Anita would like.  Until recently I hadn't seen the pictures.  The one they chose is pretty good.  I hope it is a good seller for them. 

I have the whitest legs.  Which I guess is good considering the idea was that I was being held captive and made my escape thinking I was in the clear and he was out there waiting for me. 

This year they made a calendar with some of their photos and it's awesome.  Can't wait to pick one up.  Please take a moment to go check out their work.

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