Thursday, September 16, 2010


Only really ONE more shopping day left for you to get my birthday present!  I'll make it easy, I'm happy with money. 

Yesterday we did my family birthday cake and ice cream.  My mom and dad came over with a white chocolate raspberry cake and my brother and his family, as well as my sister all came by.  They all gave me money for my Disney trip which is exactly what I wanted.  I know it's boring but it makes me happy.  Eric is going to build me two book shelves (two to get me started) so after 3 years I'll finally be able to get some of my books off the floor of Eric's office.  I'm actually quite excited to be able to place all my books neatly on shelves interspersed with knick knacks, pictures frames, etc (though I don't have too many of those).  That's the wannabe professional organizer coming out of me. 

Tonight I have a BBQ to go to (figures, it's completely shitty out) for the Niagara District Funeral Services Association.  It's more of a social event than a meeting so I don't mind going to these.  And they feed me steak. 

Tomorrow I'm going for a birthday dinner with Jodi and Margie to Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffet's?).  I'm looking forward to hanging with my ladies.  Sunday we're having Eric's family over for birthday cake and then Monday it's off to SYTYCDC!! Busy girl. 

So for now, I'm off and running.  Happy Birthday to me!!

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