Friday, September 17, 2010

Ticket# 206044!

Went to the Niagara District BBQ last night.  It's been a couple of years since I've gone to one and it was a great turn out.  Awesome to see friends in the business, who I usually only get to talk to on Facebook and stuff and meet new ones.  Dinner was good eats as well. 

I decided early in the evening to spend the $10.00 for 'prize tickets' a la stag and doe prize tables.  And typical of my past experiences of being a lucky prize recipient at most stag and does, I cleaned up nicely last night as well.  I won myself an Ipod speaker system that I can also hook up to my  Eric's PSP and I won a $25 gift card for Tim Horton's which I plan to regift to the ladies at Gage's Orthodonist because I've missed our last two appointments.  D'OH!  I just have to figure out if I'm going to keep the speaker system or regift it for Christmas!

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