Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Riding the Bitter Bus

I had the worst day on Monday.  I'm not going to get into it all here because to most of you it means absolutely nothing, but needless to say I felt/feel unappreciated, used, abused, taken advantage of, bullied, disrespected, you name it. 

Under most circumstances I LOVE my job.  I know I'm blessed and truly lucky to be able to say that after 14 years of this profession, but man on Monday I'd have quit in a heartbeat had I not needed money to pay my mortgage and bills.   I should also say that for the most part, even though I work for a "big bad corporation", I don't normally  mind the company I work for. I have worked at one time or another for both the independants and the corporates and I have to say I would never go back to the independants, but like I said, had any of them called me on Monday I'd have jumped ship.  I'm chalking this situation up to the actual manager and not the company itself. 

I'm still on the bitter bus this Wednesday afternoon, but I don't think I'm actually driving it anymore (I was on Monday). 

Today I decided not to deal with people and wore my civilian yucky clothes and bought paint and what not and repainted and redecorated one of our washrooms.  I like shopping on other people's dimes.  In my anger I also bought a table to the Niagara Region Children's Safety Village Gala on the 15th of this month and I'm taking all of my full time staff.  Yup, doing something nice for the community and my staff on the company's dime.  HA!  I'm not even taking a member of the clergy or nuthin!  Totally rebellous I know. Made me feel better though.  $800.00 later....

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